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What Makes Our Bras So Special?

Bra straps alone cannot adequately support sagging breast tissue. Each of our professionally-fitted specialty bras is engineered utilizing literally the exact same principles as the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge!

All of the specialty bras we stock feature our patented Air-O-Flex Banderin® technology, which uses body heat to form fit and support each breast individually, according to its own unique size and shape.

Both the Air-O-Flex Banderin® and symmetrical support system are constructed of high quality, soft, form-fitting fabrics to ensure unparalleled comfort and support.

This unique combination of our exclusive wireless banderin technology and seamless design provides the wearer with unmatched stability that instantly lifts the breasts, straightens the shoulders and improves posture.

Benefits of a custom bra


More Cup and Band Sizes Mean A More Perfect Fit

When you go to a department store or a big-box lingerie store, you are faced with a wide array of various styles of bras.

Despite this seemingly large selection, there are a shockingly small number of cup sizes offered that only fit a very limited number of women. As a result, 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra simply because their correct cup size isn’t available.

At The Perfect Fit bra boutique we understand that every woman's body is unique. Therefore, we firmly believe that your bra should be as unique as you are!

With over 200 different sizes (from 28AAA to 50LL) available, we will determine YOUR perfect fit with a complimentary, professional bra fitting and then recommend the best cup size for your unique body shape.

Why You Need A Full Support Bra


Why You Need A Full Support Bra

As women age, time and gravity take a heavy toll on their breasts.

The breast is supported by skin, but over time the skin begins to stretch under the weight of the breasts and sagging occurs.

Without a properly fitted support bra, breast tissue slowly rolls off the chest wall and over the pectoral muscle while fatty tissues displace themselves under the arms, resulting in breasts that appear pendulous.

When the weight of the breasts pulls on the neck muscles blood flow can become diminished, causing head and neck aches. If you try to lift the weight of the breasts by shortening your bra straps, either the back of the bra rides up, or the straps become painful.

Our custom specialty bras have a patented, banderin-based symmetrical support system that supports the bust from BENEATH, instantly lifting your breasts, straightening your shoulders, improving your posture and taking years off your appearance!

We are available to provide bra clinics at a variety of venues

  • Support your friends and receive a discount by hosting a "Bra Ladies Night"
  • Schedule a bra clinic at your place of employment or fitness center
  • Invite us to do a bra clinic at your Health Fair or Women's Night Out
  • Enjoy additional income by joining our group of professional bra fitters

Brantley/Cameo Patent Bras/Colesce

brantley 312

Style #312

brantley 310

Style #310

brantley 311

Style #311

brantley 707

Style #707

brantley 101

Style #101

brantley 708

Style #708


Style #300


Style #301


Style #302

Jeunique Bras is Now Le Unique Bras

Le Unique (formerly Jeunique) 40

Le Unique #40

Le Unique (formerly Jeunique) 41

Le Unique #41

Le Unique (formerly Jeunique) 42

Le Unique #42

Le Unique (formerly Jeunique) 31

Le Unique #31

Le Unique (formerly Jeunique) 30

Le Unique #30

Le Unique (formerly Jeunique) 32

Le Unique #32

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